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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an independent, state-of-the-art facility that operates from a laboratory level to a multi-ton scale. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a service provider for process development, scale-up and custom manufacturing of biobased products and processes. A wide and flexible spectrum of modular unit operations enables us to translate your biobased lab protocol into a viable industrial process.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant enables the conversion of biomass (a.o. agricultural crops and by-products, industrial side streams) into biochemicals, biomaterials, biofuels and other bioproducts by using technologies such as biomass pretreatment, biocatalysis, (gas)fermentation, green chemistry and product recovery and purification.
From 2013 to 2020, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant successfully conducted more than 450 bilateral (private) projects with over 150 different small, medium and large sized companies. Along with private, bilateral projects, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is currently involved in many consortium-based projects.




At B4Plastics we have already opted for “reduce” and “refuse”: pushing the old fossil plastics towards the New Plastics Economy. To help the world around us, we also “rethink” every day. We “rethink” the plastics industry by building our materials on a molecular level, to give them the best balance between functionality, ecology and cost.
For your application, we design the dream material. Striking the best balance between functionality, ecology and cost. We prototype fast; we hit accurately. Your new polymer ambitions are in the hands of a team of biobased materials masters and experts – uniquely educated to create new material value chains, from the field to your product, and back. Our solutions did not yet exist. We create with you, and for you. And for this world.



Eurocord is a European Association of Rope, Twine and Netting manufacturers, their suppliers and their affiliate industries. As such, we promote dialogue between our members from all over Europe and work closely with the European Commission on our fields of interest.
Eurocord has active Technical Committees, which are focused on the ongoing development of international standards, guidelines, test methods, and other technical documents for rope, cordage, twine and netting products.
Technical meetings are held three times per year and all Eurocord members are welcome to attend. There is no charge, except for the registration fee for the annual conference.



I-Coats N.V. Innovative Coating Solutions, located in Belgium, was founded in 2006 to provide the market of fibres, rope, netting and wire rope with solutions for the applications of overlay finishes and coatings.
I-Coats N.V.’s mission statement: “The continuous innovation of the product performance of fibres, ropes, nets and wires by developing and tailoring overlay finishes and coatings or other material applications”

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At Novozymes, we are unique in our dedication to enzymes and microbes. For more than 70 years, our work with these biological problem solvers has made a big difference to our shared world.
Our purpose looks ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and others around us in terms of finding the sustainable answers that our world needs.
Novozymes’ strategy is rooted in our unique ability to unlock growth for customers, investors, the world and our company with the power of biotech.
Sustainable growth is one of the core challenges in the world, and we bring the power of biology and science to answer the call.

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We conduct research to provide comprehensive solutions to the grand challenges facing society in the fields of energy and environment, information and brain research. Our aim is to lay the foundation for the key technologies of tomorrow.
With some 6,400 employees and a unique research infrastructure, Forschungszentrum Jülich is one of the major interdisciplinary research centres in Europe. It is a member of the Helmholtz Association.
Excellence, responsibility, honesty and collegiality are important values we stand for. The responsibilities of Forschungszentrum Jülich also include making research expertise available to society.

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Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel-Industrie e.V. (Association of the German Sporting Goods Industry) is the business association of German sporting goods manufacturers, wholesalers and importers, founded in 1910. The BSI currently has around 150 members. In addition to large international companies, more than 80 percent of its members are small and medium-sized companies. Many of them belong to the market leaders in their sports segments. The companies organized in the BSI generate an annual turnover of approximately 35 billion euros. As a multi-sports association, BSI represents a wide range of sports segments – team sports or individual sports, indoor or outdoor, summer or winter sports, as well as leisure sports and personal protective equipment. BSI has been supporting the development of the sporting goods industry at German and European level for many years and represents the interests of the German sporting goods industry. BSI is a member of the Federation of the European Sporting goods Industry (FESI). BSI is conceptual sponsor of ISPO Munich and TourNatur at Messe Düsseldorf. At the same time, it is a sponsor of the FSB trade fair in Cologne.

At the same time, BSI is member of the German “Partnership for Sustainable Textiles”, a multi-stakeholder initiative with about 130 members, that is striving to improve the social and environmental conditions in the global textile production. The BSI advocates the interests of its members vis-à-vis political and economic actors. In this sense, the association participates on behalf of its members in the design of industry trade fairs, frequently organizes stakeholder events and carries out market studies. Last but not least, the BSI has been regularly involved in interdisciplinary and cross-sector research and CSR projects for several years.

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FVA is an Italian SME operating since 1990 in the field of new media communication and advanced ICT solutions for research and organizations contexts.
Since 1998 FVA is involved in EU funded projects as technical partner specialized in: Strategic Dissemination and Communication to promote science, Training, co-creation workshops and focus groups with stakeholders, Media and New Media production, Social media strategies and ICT solutions (Applications, Widgets, Animated Commercials, E-games), Serious games, advergames and entertainmen,
Technology Enhanced training platforms, ICT solutions, Graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, HCI and interface design, In the Bioeconomy, Learning, Health, SSH Social Sciences and Humanities, Social innovation and security domains.


The AMIBM vision is to provide the missing links between fundamental, applied and translational research in the field of biobased materials, by changing the relationship between the production of biobased materials and the value chain. This will be achieved by developing an integrated, interdisciplinary research program focusing on novel strategies to produce advanced biobased materials and chemical building blocks in a sustainable and economical manner, and to develop these novel materials into innovative products for technical and medical applications.
AMIBM is an independent academic institute attracting scientists from all over the world to the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, one of the chemical sites of Europe, powered by Maastricht University, RWTH Aachen University, Fraunhofer IME and DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials.
AMIBM creates added value at any step in the value chain from biomass to application. AMIBM offers transdisciplinary competence teams including experts from biotechnology, chemistry, material science, engineering, medicine and sustainability.




Van Beelen Group develops and produces high quality rope and netting products from two production locations in the Netherlands.
Continuously keeping up with the latest innovations in the fiber industry ensures we make up-to-date quality products. Specialising in high strength fibers and constructions, we supply to Commercial Fishing, Maritime, Offshore, Leisure and Defense industry customers woldwide.Van Beelen Group is a family owned company. We produce netting and rope at two locations, Gouderak (Rotterdam area) and IJmuiden (Amsterdam area).The trade in netting and rope was started by J. van Beelen in 1906. Production followed almost immediately by a cooperation with rope manufacturers Mudde in the town of Gouderak. This cooperation developed into full ownership by van Beelen, accompanied with investments in rope and netting machines.
Continuous investment in new fiber-, coating- and heatset technology made the company into a leading rope and netting manufacturer.


Nexis Fibers a.s., headquartered in Humenné, Slovakia, is a producer of high tenacity multifilament polyamide yarns for ropes and nets products, for automotive products, as well as a specialty polymer producer for the Engineering Plastic and the Monofilament Industries. With its Polyamide 6 high tenacity yarn products, it serves all the major manufacturers of marine ropes and fishing nets, worldwide. Nexis Fibers has two production sites located in Slovakia and in Latvia.
Nexis Fibers is able to spin polymer chips into multifilament yarns, which can be used to manufacture nets and ropes. It can also synthetize a wide range of polyamide polymers from different polyamide intermediates.
Nexis Fibers will use its expertise in polymerization and spinning in this project, with the aim to propose a bio-base yarn suitable to fulfill the requirements of the Fishing Industry.
Should the project result into a validated bio-based product suitable to manufacture nettings and ropes goods for the marine Industry, with a lesser impact on the environment than the current commercial solutions, Nexis Fibers would be the first European Community-based Company to include this sustainable solution in its product portfolio.

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The University of Vigo which currently has 21000 students, is one of Spain´s main agents in Marine Research, and the leader of the International Excellence Campus of the Sea “Campusdomar” which brings together socio-economic agents and marine researchers from the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion. The UVigo Marine Research Centre (CIM-UVIGO; is the University´s main marine research actor, its 200 staff carry out research in priorities related to ocean observation and global change, marine environmental quality and marine pollution, sustainable use of marine resources, integral management of the coastal zone, modelling of complex systems and omic technologies applied to the marine environment.
ECOTOX is a dedicated team of scientists with a wide range of experience in all types of ecotoxicology studies, belonging to the Department of Ecology and Animal Biology and the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food.
ECOTOX team focus on enhancing the understanding of the chemical pollution on marine ecosystems with a view to identifying and mitigating those that pose a significant threat to their ecological integrity and provide the scientific basis to develop environmental criteria and standards for the protection of coastal marine ecosystems.
ECOTOX facilities include two laboratories at the Marine Sciences Faculty and the Faculty of Chemistry and a third lab at the Toralla Marine Station (ECIMAT).




Quantis is a global sustainability consultancy pioneering approaches to solve critical environmental challenges. The group partners with leading organizations who are serious about reducing their environmental impacts to future-proof their businesses and prosper in a new planetary economy. Quantis’ unique approach combines deep environmental expertise, strategic business knowledge, and enterprise transformation skills to help organizations shape policies, practices and business models that align with the planet’s capacity while building resilience, unlocking innovation, and optimizing performance.

With offices in the US, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy and clients around the world, Quantis is a key partner in inspiring sustainable change on a global scale.


Established in 1973, Pak Gida Uretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (Pakmaya) based in Istanbul, is a major producer of yeast and yeast derived products with three plants in Turkey and one in Romania. It is a global yeast manufacturer and exports more than 100 countries in all continents. Research and Development Department was established thirty years ago and involves in research and development activities in food fermentations, industrial biotechnology and environmental biotechnology. The R&D develops novel products and provide solutions for various customer expectations. There are scientists from many fields including biology, chemistry, bioengineering, electronic and environmental engineering working for process and product development purposes in R&D group. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art fermentation systems with corresponding downstream units, enabling comprehensive assessment and conduction of various operational approaches from lab to industrial scales.

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