Stakeholder Labs

The Glaukos Stakeholders Labs are two parallel working groups of experts in the application areas of the project (fishing gears and clothes), aiming at providing the stakeholders’ perspectives in the project’s tasks and activities, through a multi-actor approach.


  • Engage all the relevant stakeholders for the development of innovative alternatives for textiles to significantly reduce the carbon and plastic footprint of clothing and fishing gear.
  • Stimulate the debate, identify challenges and provide recommendations for the design of more sustainable bio-based textiles for fishing gears and clothes.
  • Ensure that Glaukos will respond appropriately to the different needs and requirements, taking into account the specific challenges, barriers and bottlenecks of the two targeted sectors (fishing gear and clothing).

Who can participate?

The Glaukos Stakeholder Labs are open to:

  • scientific/research community
  • policy makers
  • stakeholder related to fishing and clothing (primary sector, industries, SMEs, retailers)
  • Investors
  • standardisation and certification bodies
  • civil society representatives
  • multipliers and innovation ecosystem enablers (associations, clusters, NGOs, Institutions, initiatives, etc.)

How do the Stakeholder Labs work?

Several activities ensure that the Stakeholder voice is heard, including interviews, workshops, field tests, etc.

What are the expected outcomes?

  • Collect stakeholder’s requirements and recommendations to drive the research and innovation activities of the project
  • Identify concerns, barriers and obstacles
  • Validate the project’s prototypes with the target beneficiaries (e.g. exploratory marketing)
  • Ensure the impact and adoption of the project’s outcomes
  • Provide recommendations to stakeholders (e.g. policy briefs)


Make you voice heard!