Can we buy Glaukos materials? At the moment, we are still developing Glaukos polymers, and are at TRL 3-4 in our R&D process. This means that it is still too early for us to distribute finalized products.


When can we buy Glaukos materials? The Glaukos project is predicted to finalize in 2023, after which the products will enter the market phase.


Where will Glaukos materials become available? Glaukos addresses the global issues of fishing and textile industries: the initial launch is foreseen from Europe and will spread worldwide as soon as production capacity ramps up. This will be managed by our partners in the Glaukos consortium, and we recommend following Glaukos social media platforms for concrete updates on this:


Will Glaukos materials be expensive? Glaukos materials will be comparable in cost to conventional fishing nets and lines, in order to be competitive but also accessible to all industrial stakeholders.


How can we reserve Glaukos prototype products for tests in our own test conditions? Once we have developed the first prototypes, we will communicate it on all communication channels. You are welcome to get in touch with the Coordinator or Dissemimation manager for further information.


How can our company become involved in the Glaukos project? We encourage you to join our stakeholder labs, where Glaukos partners communicate directly with key industrial and commercial stakeholders on how to best work together. Here, we can address your questions and concerns, and can incorporate the insights gained into our research and development. We look forward to hearing from you!

Be involved in Glaukos as Stakeholder


Can you already say if it is easier to bio-recycling a fishing net or a textile? Not yet. The bio-recyclability depends on many factors. These include technical factors such as the polymer used for the fibre, coating, and coloring, but also economic and logistical factors such as the collection logistics of end-of-life materials and the price of the envisioned recyclate.